Introducing Wisconsin Made Princeton Audio “Site 1” Speakers

Hold the presses….the best, hand-made-right-here-in-little-ole-Wisconsin audio  speakers are coming to Cambridge Furniture Traders. We are proud to be the first dealer of the IDA award-winning speaker, made by Princeton Audio in (you guessed it) Princeton, Wisconsin. A few highlights:

– Each speaker is hand crafted from hand-selected premium tonewoods, or woods selected for their ability to reflect sound accurately

– Princeton Audio’s patent-pending, external interface is designed to adapt to almost any wireless or wired system

– Portable, standalone or can be paired with another unit, 40 hours of battery time

– Bluetooth enabled

– Hand made, locally sourced, outstanding sound


Stop by to hear what we heard when we went crazy for the “Site 1.” For more info:  Retail starts at $459.



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