Q: What sort of items does Furniture Traders take on consignment?

A: Lightly used, high quality furniture and furnishings such as sofas,  lamps, artwork, rugs, side tables and more.   Upholstered items must come from non-smoking homes. Artwork must be original works, or signed prints. If you aren’t sure if your piece qualifies, give us a call or send a photo to: huck@furnituretraders-cambridge.com.

Q: Does it matter what style my pieces are?

A: Whether a piece is mid-century,  contemporary, vintage or antique,  if it is well made and in good shape we can find it a new home.

Q: How does consignment work?

A: Furniture Traders creates an agreement with the consignor to sell the piece(s) for you for a fee.  The fee includes marketing, promotions, display, completing the sale, and delivery if needed.  The Furniture Trader network is growing so your piece will be seen by people interested in quality items.  Consignment agreements run for a specific amount of time and if the piece does not sell in the allotted time the consignor may renew the agreement or remove their item from consignment.

Q: What if I wish to donate an item?

A: If you’d like to donate an item we will sell your piece and deliver the proceeds in your name to the charity of your choice.  If you would like us to choose, our charity of choice is Cambridge Arts Council.

Q: How do you assess value for an item?

A: Furniture Traders uses a network of sources, including recent sales of similar items, to determine optimum pricing.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare items for consignment?

A: Call first to discuss your item(s) as sometimes the store is extremely full and we may need to wait a week to bring in your piece. Items need to be clean and in good to excellent condition.  Light wear marks are acceptable but visible dirt/dust will need to be cleaned prior to the item being brought into the store. Loose hardware or missing parts affect the price you can get for your piece. A $10 cleaning fee will be added to items brought in that need cleaning.

Q: Can I send you a photo of my item to discuss pricing?

A: Yes, feel free to contact us by email at: Huck@furnituretraders-Cambridge.com. Include a photo and description of your item (age, make, material). We will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Q: I live out of town and need help cleaning out a home, can you help?

A: Yes, we can assess the contents of a home and help you decide what to consign and what items may be better off going to charity.

Q: Do you pick up and deliver?

A: Yes, we deliver or pick up items for a small fee as our schedules allow. Delivery/pick up fees in the Madison area typically range from $30-$50.

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